The Daily Victim Returns March 1, 2002!

For over a year the Daily Victims have had a special place in our hearts, next to the black spot and right by the valve that's planning to fail in about 20 years. We've shared their Joy, we've languished in their sorrows. We drank too much caffeine, and we ate The Sauce.

Together we lost our pants, failed American history, and suffered through Intense Horror and Satanic PC Peripherals.

Yet always the victims were there, whether polishing our fighting skills or playing too much Tribes. Like you, they gloated over low pings and suffered the injustice of lag. They were also sometimes naked. Frequently they left you feeling a little dirty, but that's neither here nor there.

Together we had A DREAM! We were PIMPS in electric pants! Sure, we wanted Quake 3 and got puppies instead. But that didn't stop us from celebrating the season.

One victim ate an entire hot dog during the SSX loading screen.

We stuck together. Even when we got the ladies room, even when the ladies took it back. Like any gamer, a good Victim never gives up.

And now, despite a short recess and a change in artist, the Victims are coming back. March 1st, by popular demand, the Daily Victim will return to GameSpy! Who's the new artist? What perverse antics await? You'll just have to tune in to find out. The Daily Victims are coming back! And remember: If you're not laughing with them, it's because they're laughing at you.

Victim Pic Small

Thanks to everyone who mailed in their support for the return of the Daily Victim, especially those who foreswore bathing and procreation until the return. Although the one vow sorta helped the other.

Score: 8.05; Total Votes: 420 as of 2009-12-09.

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