Whenever I Talk with Max, It Feels like One of Us Is Lagging

Yah, you know Max, Chad's roommate? The guy who's worked fast food since he was 16? Nice guy and all, but impossible to talk to. It's like he's got a bad router up there or something. It feels like one of us has a bad ping. No no, listen, it goes something like this:

Me: Hey Max! What's up? Didja see the new Max Payne Preview on GameSpy this weekend?

Max: Yo.

Me: Is Chad home? Can I grab a beer? I'm good for it.

Max: I can't wait to shoot some guys in slow-motion.

Me: Right, I'll just, uh, hold off on the beer then. When's Chad supposed to be home?

Max: Did you see him running through that burning building?

Me: Who, Chad?

Max: Sure, have a beer, they're not mine.

Me: ...yeah, I think I need one now. So you dug Max Payne?

Max: He'll be here soon.

Me: Who, Max Payne or Chad?

Max: Yeah.

Me: Oh ... oh God, just stop talking.

Max: Uh hunh. Chad.

Victim Pic Small

It's like he's running on analog up there or something.

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