When It Comes to Online Gaming, I Find That the Mud Community Is the Best Place in Which to Mate with Animals.

Attention webmaster;

I was immensely pleased to partake in your History of MUDs article. Your thoughtful, penetrating discussion of the medium left little to be desired. However, you failed to mention the primary reason that I and others like me enjoy this verbose, social form of gaming; there are simply few other venues online in which to have intercourse with animals.

Take, for instance, your Baldur's gate. A wonderful online experience, if you enjoy witty banter and slaughtering nefarious otherworldly creatures alongside your friends. But, should you wish to procreate with the wildlife? Zero options. Please, try for yourself.

On the other hand, try logging into FurryMUCK sometime. Sure, you might find intelligent people engaging in conversations about politics or swapping about witty diatribes, but they can easily be avoided. Look for some hot tubs. Within fifteen minutes I partook of a monkey, two gerbils, and a peacock.

One time I met a hamster who wanted to be used as a sex toy.

Thank you for your wonderful service to the gaming community. Myself? I'm off to catch some tail, as it were. Here here.

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Woof, I say, woof woof!

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