In order to find a Tingle, you need to start THINKING like a Tingle.

Okay, okay, I think everyone’s here. Hey! Quiet down, give it a rest. Here’s the deal. Steve and I had a little falling out over his poor performance as Tingle when we play Zelda, and we think he took it personally. Now he’s gone berserk, as you might have guessed by the presence of police choppers overhead. It’s up to us to get him out of this mess.

But, in order to FIND a Tingle, we have to THINK like Tingles. No no Jer, not “thing that tingles,” I said “THINK like TINGLES.”

He ran off into the woods with a grappling hook and a boomerang. So, let’s start right here, with this underbrush. What you’re looking for are patches of tall grass, which should of course be cut on sight to see what’s inside. Chop! CHOP!

Hey hang on a second. The woods end just up ahead. What’s this loading dock back here? Are we behind the Northgate Plaza? Then that means that that building would be ... OH ... MY ... GOD.

It’s a Pottery Barn.

This place is like a Tingle magnet. Follow me. Avoid the searchlights from the police choppers! He’s in here, I can feel it. Okay, start SMASHING! C’mon people, smash! Smash already!

Wait, lie low. Is that the cops? No, I guess not -- it’s just some guy leaning out his car window and yelling “woo.” Keep smashing!

Victim Pic Small

Uh, yes -- hello, officer! We're uh ... these are ... we OWN this pottery, yes we do.

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No, sir. The Tingle is armed, and almost definitely dangerous. I think he's got a bomb.

What follows is a true account of the greatest Tingle that ever lived

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