Bad Tingle? No bad Tingle! Tingle is good! Tingle is a GOOD Tingle!

No! Looompah! There’s no Steve! And this is a Tingle Tuner! Tingle is a good Tingle!

Not confetti! This is magical fairy magic that Tingle throws in your face to help fight nasty sword men! Whoop-blllooopah! Whaziiing! Tingle good!

Hey ... HEY! Give back Tingle Tuner! How can Tingle work his Game Boy magic for Fairy Boy playing Zelda if he takes away my Tingle Tuner? How does Tingle Tune his ... Tingle?

Who will throw the bombs? All over? Like pucks at a hockey game?

Who will save Mr. Fairy Boy from dangerous heights by pushing him off cliff into safe water far below? Tingle do, that’s who! Bwoing!

Fine then, take away source of Tingle’s Power! You will rue the day, Fairy Boy! When Tingle gets down from ceiling harness -- er, magic fairy flying dust flying magic -- DAYS WILL BE RUED! Whooompahh!

[Tingle’s legs and arms wave frantically for nearly a full minute until the line snaps and he lands on the floor with a thump. To be continued...]

Victim Pic Small

Wahhaha! Whhhooo! Floooopp! Whoommpy! Woo-looo!

Score: 7.5; Total Votes: 1904 as of 2009-12-09.

Okay, I’m going to say it one last time. Hand over the Game Boy. Your Tingle privileges are revoked.

What did you do to Steve? I saw him taking off in his Tingle outfit, weeping and carrying a grappling hook and a weed eater.

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