What did you do to Steve? I saw him taking off in his Tingle outfit, weeping and carrying a grappling hook and a weed eater.

What exactly happened between you and Tingle? I mean, Steve? Did you guys have some sort of falling out? On my way here I saw him climbing out of your bedroom window in his Tingle costume, hollering something about his missing “Tingle Tuner.” Then he spread his arms and yelled “Whoom-pah!” ... and fell two stories into the compost pile.

A couple minutes later he emerged from your garden shed, covered in leaves and grass clippings. He’d made a makeshift grappling hook out of a hand-held rake and some rope. He also carried what appeared to be your weed-eater. It was hard to tell, because he tied a red-polka-dotted hanky filled with stuff to it.

He tossed some confetti into the air and then ran off.

Do you think he’s up to something dangerous? Hmmm ... yeah, yah I see where you’re coming from. And I know what you mean about wanting to be able to play through Zelda without having your friend suspended from the ceiling throwing confetti at you. But I’m really starting to worry about Steve. What will happen to him? In this state of mind, where is he going to go? I think we should arrange some sort of search party.

No, really. I don’t know if you noticed this or not, but I’m beginning to suspect that Steve took playing Tingle really seriously.

Or is it just me?

[To be continued...]

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I'll get the flashlights. And the Game Boy.

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Bad Tingle? No bad Tingle! Tingle is good! Tingle is a GOOD Tingle!

No, sir. The Tingle is armed, and almost definitely dangerous. I think he's got a bomb.

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