For God's Sake Get Down! If They See Us Running a Counter-strike Server Here We're Screwed!

What the hell are you doing, Frank!? Keep your head low! Stick to the plan!

You don't realize how much trouble we'll get into if we don't pull this thing off. UCI has strict policies against running game servers on university lines. If they find ours, we're screwed. Then where will the clan practice?

I told you before, Stewie already tried remote admin -- he even got that overclocked kid to try to do it, but the system is locked up. Only a hard boot will do. That means we gotta get to the server room undetected, hit the reboot button, and get the hell out of here before that idiot tech support dude realizes that we snuck an extra machine into their server farm.

So, on my mark, we get on our knees and crawl doubletime over to those vending machines, then I'll boost you up to the air duct. Hurry up, at 10 PM sharp Stewie will divert security by knocking on the door dressed as a telephone repairman and you and I will only have a couple of minutes to slip undetected into the laundry hamper! Ready? GO!

Victim Pic Small

CRAP, he saw me! Go with plan B! I'll trip the fire alarm and you bust out the fake blood!

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