Man, how can you cheat in Animal Crossing? Doesn’t it make you feel dirty?

What -- wait -- what do you call that? A cheat code? You’re CHEATING in Animal Crossing!? Look here, I stood by in silence when you threatened to hatchet-murder all the little animals, and I even kept my trap shut when Greg drew a wee-wee on his door. But here? Here I draw the LINE!

What are you doing? You’re duplicating items? And now you just spawned in a pile of money? Oh ... oh you JERK. This isn’t like cheating at Contra or something, where you just generate ammo so you can kill more bad guys. I’m all for killing bad guys. It’s their ability to be killed that makes them so inherently bad.

No, this is cheating THE LITTLE ANIMALS OF THE FOREST. Not to mention your roommates, who have worked hard picking cherries and catching fish just to buy bigger houses. No, you slam in a cheat code and buy a mansion, while Nook the Raccoon weeps silently from his straw mat at night and Mitzi the cat wallows in poverty. You SICK BASTARD.

Think of the animals, man. Think of the animals!

Victim Pic Small

Fine, you may have more money, but my little house has more Feng Shui!

Score: 7.57; Total Votes: 1884 as of 2009-12-09.

The loss of our Sinistar Arcade machine was a bitter, bitter blow.

My teammates won’t stop talking like pirates, but I’ve kinda warmed to the idea.

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