Sherry's Magnetic Poetry Is Becoming Increasingly Violent towards Our PS2

It was a big step when we bought the PS2 together, but I think Sherry's growing a little jealous of me and my relationship with SSX, the snowboarding game. She hasn't really said anything to me about it yet, but I'm beginning to get suspicious. Why? Because of the magnetic poetry kit we have on the refrigerator.

Just last week I discovered this:

always a drool flood for her

Then I saw this:

his luscious beat goddess has a black power cord

And yesterday was this:

steel blue and black
is juiceing my always easy head

Finally, this morning I went to get my orange juice and I discovered the little magnets spelling this gem out, right in front of my face:

essential electric snow monster sweat me
like a mean drunk man
thanks evil rising sun
leave here finger truck !

No, no I'm not sure what it means either. But it's not good.

Victim Pic Small

woman howling electric jeolousy before my sandwich

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