Sherry and I Bought a PS2 Together. That's a Pretty Serious Step!

Yeah, dude, I think this one's for real. Last night we went to Gaming Gigabuys and scored a PS2. It wasn't like, you know, impulse or anything either; we'd been talking about it, you know, maybe taking that big step, and now we did it. Yeah. This time it's serious.

No way man, this isn't like me and Tracey buyin' that Dreamcast. I mean, by then we weren't kidding ourselves, we both knew they weren't gonna support the hardware and the system would be on the way side before the year was through. Yeah, and you know how well things went with Tracey. No, that whole thing with the Dreamcast -- that was definitely a fling. We might as well have told each other point-blank, "I'm yours until, you know, after they release Shenmue."

No but this was a PS2. When you buy a PS2 with some girl, you're in it long-term, you know? It's gonna be around for years. Geez, I mean, where do you go from there? Pretty soon it's like, "I'm tired of lugging the PS2 back and forth between apartments, you want to just move in?" Yep. Then you're buying the entertainment center together. Then, yah, you know it, you and the other guys from Parker's Pub are chuckin' rice at us while we dash for the limo.

Hot damn, man. I thought I would hold out, you know, until Metal Gear Solid 2 or something. But you know what? You find the right girl, someone special, and man, you just want to buy the PS2 with her. It's crazy. Crazy stuff.

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Last night she was a wild woman, and we played Tekken Tag Team together without a handicap. *wink*

Score: 6.93; Total Votes: 1535 as of 2009-12-09.

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