Games That Have Only Limited Supplies of Ammo, but Let Me Quicksave, Might as Well Just Give Me Unlimited Ammo.

Hi, I'm Mike, and I'm still a saveaholic. Today I read on a website that a new game coming out will be "challenging" because ammo will be very limited. And yet, later in the same article, the developer said, "but it'll still play like a PC game, meaning you'll be able to save anywhere."

Well, if I could just soapbox for a bit, let me say that there's just no point in giving me a game with Quicksave and telling me I have to conserve my ammo. 'Cuz I'm the macdaddy of ammo saving. If you give me a rocket, I will refuse to fire it. If you give me a special powerup that I'm allowed to save, I'll never use it. If you give me a special smart bomb that can only be used once in the entire game, you might as well not even give it to me. Because I would rather quick-load a saved game than waste them!

No no, I shoot a gun and then quick-load if I miss. I never use my rocket launcher because it'll waste my precious rocket ammo. No sir. Quick-save and Quick-load do the work of aiming for me.

I've never actually finished a game without a full compliment of rockets, healing potions, powerups, and a backpack full of every goody in the game. Now, people ask me, "Hey Mike, that's a waste. Why do you save all that stuff and it ends up unused?"

Well, I think the answer is obvious: Because I might need it later.

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Quicksaving gives me the power of the Gods.

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