AK, Jes, I See Fortunes from Za Gibs

Come, come now, Madame Rochquet will tell joo your future from za patterns of gibs zat fall when ze player, he explodes. Sit. Sit before my liquid crystal monitor and relax, clear joor head, make like the void around Longest yard, jes? Empty, open, jes. *claps hands*

Now den, I frag joo with the launcher of ze rocket, jes? Screenshot! Ahhh, jes, jes, eez all clear. Look at the splatterings, jes? Joo see patterns, jes? I see patterns, entrails, gibbulations, the future, jes, so clear, clear like za wadder in Q3DM12. Oh, oh friend, quickly, give me $20 dollar to interpret dis here, jes.

Oh my. Oh poor wayward soul. Joo play Unreal Tournament jes? I see it, I see the traitorous blood in the gibs, jes, it looks very bad. I see a giggling fat man, he ez, like, za puppet string puller, master of his domain, jes? And za pointy hat man, so angry at him! I see vengeance -- no wait -- I see, oh jes, joor favorite level turned inside out, joo flying into za air, oh so painful. I see, jes, a phone jack icon in joor future. Eez trouble.

I suggest joo find a different server bevor tinks zey get bad, woop! *claps hands* That's an extra $20 for advice. Come back next veek, I read love life from CD-Key code, ez goot.

Victim Pic Small

AK, Tribes 2... I see it in ze future... far into ze future ... oh ... so far. Gibs don't go zat far. Sonofbitch.

Score: 6.98; Total Votes: 1034 as of 2009-12-09.

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