My Ingenious Plan to Win the Instagib Match by Re-routing the Air Conditioners Has Backfired

Well, as you no-doubt heard from this afternoon's fiasco, Crenshaw had to go to the hospital 'cuz I accidentally fired a pencil through his hand with my careful manipulation of the office air conditioning system.

On the upside, I won the daily InstaGib game. On the downside, I thought that law enforcement might get involved, so to cover my tracks I crawled back up into the air vents to remove any trace of my ingenious hamster-tubing.

Unfortunately, I seem to have wedged myself in a narrow duct here, and I can't seem to back out. I'm not claustrophobic, but, the air conditioner is still running and I'm FREEZING in here!

I don't see any way out of this one -- someone's going to have to come in and rescue me. I might as well holler for help.


For crying out loud, why doesn't someone answer? My voice has got to be carrying all over the building -- I can hear it reverberating through the ducts.

"HAAAAALLLLLPPPP!!" Is anyone there? Where the hell are the night shift tech support guys?



I can hear them echoing around the walls despite the pills I've been taking maybe I should cut back on the coffee I've had three or four pots this evening but then again that's no more than normal I think maybe some Cola will help me ignore them or perhaps some more banging on the walls GO AWAY VOICES! Stop making me do things I will paint my windows black and hum until the noises stop.

Victim Pic Small

Wha? Who's making all that banging down there? Why doesn't he just send help? The louder I shout the louder that freak hums. I just shouted for him to get me some food and he walked into the kitchen like a robot and made himself a sandwich.

Score: 8.42; Total Votes: 1254 as of 2009-12-09.

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