There's a Broadsword Embedded in the Entertainment Center? Quick, Hand It Back! I'm Fighting Claw Vipers!

Sweetheart you'll have to talk louder, I'm embroiled in a vicious Diablo II encounter using my spifftastic new virtual-reality gear! These monster sprites are so big and so real, I feel I can reach out and touch the pixels! Oh, sorry hon, was that your boob?

Yes, yes, hand me the sword! It's a high-quality socketed Flamberge with two rubies in it. I didn't mean to throw it at the entertainment center, however, a group of Zakarum Zealots were after me and I had to take drastic measures.

Also, my apologies in advance for when you discover what I did to the bathroom. See, I was in the inner sanctum and suddenly had to make a break for it but there was no door in that particular direction -- fortunately it was only drywall so I was able to hack my way through and into our bedroom before the zombies killed me.

Oh mercy, sweetie, look out! The Zakarum Zealots are back! Point me toward the front door, I'll kick down the coffee table and make a break for it!!

Victim Pic Small

That was close, I was almost a gonner for sure! I managed to fool them with the ol' double-back trick. Hang on -- honey? Sweetheart are you there? Hmm. I think I may be in the neighbor's house.

Score: 7.39; Total Votes: 1437 as of 2009-12-09.

I Don't Think the Job Interview Went Well

You'll Have to Pardon Thomas. This Morning He Had to Dismantle and Reassemble His PC, and All He Had Was a Butter Knife.

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