I Am Right and You Are Wrong, as Evidenced by the Immense Combined Power of the Diablo Characters Listed in My Signature

That's right cheesedick, your opinion is inane, ass-backwards, and just plain wrong! Fools like you ruin this web forum. MY opinion is clearly SUPERIOR, as evidenced by my long lineage of powerful Diablo II characters listed in my signature file at the bottom of every one of my 10147 posts!

Tarnhelm is M U C H better for a necromancer than Wormskull. In fact, its the best helm in the whole game for a Necromancer or a Sorceress. Do you even PLAY the game? I don't think we need to answer that question -- the answer is BLINDINGLY obvious by the fact that you don't list ANY characters in your signature file. WEAKNESS!

Now, let's talk about your recent post regarding the Iron Jang Bong, which you speak highly of as an answer to mid-level characters seeking their way through the midgame. The Bong is not an ANSWER, unless the QUESTION is formulated by DEFORMATED RETARDS. I have but eight words for you: Iceblink, Goldskin, Silks of the Victor, and Spectral Shard. Up yours!

You know I am correct because because the characters in my signature file have a combined level of 209. Also, I play on both USWest and USEast servers, just to ensure that EVERYONE KNOWS THE AWESOME POWER THAT I WIELD. This is not a flame, but you are a BALL-SNARFING NAZI and you're so completely WRONG that I suggest that moderators ban your ass from posting any more of this PREPUBESCENT GARBAGE.

That may be just my opinion, but after all, the proof is in the pudding:

Walter Gross
aka SquidSlice3 USWest / SquidSliceIV USEast
71 Barbarian
64 Amazon
38 Necro
36 Sorceress

Victim Pic Small

I wish you could set up these forums to kick/ban anyone who hasn't yet beaten the game three times on Nightmare level. NOSESUCKERS!

Score: 6.53; Total Votes: 1651 as of 2009-12-09.

I Swear to God I Am Not Responsible for When They Nerfed the Manastone!

Ever since That Last Counter-strike Patch, I Do Everything Akimbo

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