And Bob, Next Door? Camper. S'true! I Saw It!

So, there I was, I was dropping off some fresh tomatoes and a copy of the Half-Life CD key that I borrowed over to Delores and while she went off to the other room I saw her husband Bob -- that's right, Bob from the PTA meeting -- playing Team Arena.

So he doesn't know I'm standing at the door and I see him rocket jump up to the top of a door frame and look down into the room, and then he just waited there. So I say, really loud I say, get this, "Hi Bob!" and you shoulda seen him jump! Well, in real life, too, but in the game he jumped down from the door frame and acted like he was going for the red armor all along. It was precious!

Yeah, I always knew he was a camper, but Delores wouldn't have any of it, oh no. But I know it. And that No Good Son of Theirs was still down in the basement, playing EverQuest. I bet he was camping the Jboots or something. I wouldn't put it past him! It's a whole family of campers, I tell you! There goes the neighborhood.

Victim Pic Small

Hang on, Frenchie is on the other line. She said that she heard from Lewis who talked to Carmine that Rachelle heard from Susan's caterer that Pete is a quad-whore, and I asked her to call me back if she heard any more.

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