Mom, Dad, Lay off My Everquest Addiction or I May Be Forced to Move Out of Your Basement.

Thaz right, you heard me! Not another peep, not a peep about my all-nighter last night waitin' for the Necklace of Superiority -- 'cuz I got it, and that makes me Superior.

So dad, next time you're at tha bank and they ask what your kid does, you just say, "He's superior." You say, "I've never been so proud of my Dark Elven Necromancer son."

You tell 'em, "Hot damn, when I left for work yesterday morning, I saw that my son had been up all night camping the Crypt of Dalnir. Then you say, when I got home from work yesterday evening he was still camping in that Got-damned Crypt. He's got that stick-to-it-tiveness, you know, he's gonna go places, that's what you tell 'em.

And you tell mom ta stop givin' me a hard time, because you never know, I just might move out your basement, and then what're you gonna do? And I'm gonna take that couch that's down there, my couch, and I'm gonna see if I can find some cushions for it. Then you'll be sorry! You'll have no couch, and no Dark Elven son necromancin' in your basement, and it'll be just like all that empty nest stuff you see on TV, in those long distance commercials, it'll be all sad. So like, knock it off and stuff.

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Next thing you know I won't want to hang out here, I'll go out and I'll get a JOB, and then you'll be sorry.

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