Excerpts from the Book of Sungorth

1Nothing has a beginning. 2So it was that Sungorth arose amidst a crowd of dinosaurs. 3No parent among them to ascribe to Sungorth. 4Sungorth was born unto Sungorth, fully formed, a true self-genesis. 5And so, Sungorth existed both before and after Sungorth. 6Truly Sungorth was but a dinosaur but in spirit beyond comprehension. 7Alas, His time was cut short. For all His immaterialness and omnipotence His mortal body was destroyed by the Great Impact. 8Clouding the skies and ending the rest of His brethren some time after.

BoS 1:1-8

1Truly, Sungorth is all. For His spirit was found to exist within the Sun, after being spread across the ether by the Great Impact. 2His rage contacts the Earth on which He stood millenia ago. 3Emmisaries of His exist upon the Earth in all forms. Spreading His word and preparing for the re-rebirth. 4Sungorth is waiting for those who would claim His name to collect His otherworldly essence on Earth. 5His immaterial form will accumulate and assume control over the Earth. Those who support him shall be among the saved. 6He is Sungorth!

BoS 2:1-6