File Too Long Loading File Bad Not Here Yet Nnrrggmmgkk

Swear two hours ago said only 40 minutes left now says hour twenty minutes left I CAN DO THE MATH HERE! I'm not blind! I see how this works! Cable modem slow like ending of Kubrick's 2001!

Must ... devour own flesh from body -- nnnrrrggark ... no no stop! Patience! Patience. I can live without this file for another hour and forty minutes. None of the other mirrors responded. This looks good. Just need to wait. Only one hour and forty minutes. Only ... NOW IT SAYS ONE HOUR FIFTY MINUTES! THEY LIE! THEY LIE!

Ryan mad!

Ryan so mad!

Arm so tasty!


Victim Pic Small

Mmppph gmmpph mmmnn mmm .... Whoa -- connection interrupted? NEED SALT.

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'Kay Dad, I Understand the New Puppy Chewed up Your Gel Mouse Wrist-rest, I'm Just Saying There May Be a Logical Explanation

Hmmm... Susan? the People Downstairs Are Definitely Playing the Sims. Yeah ... Yeah I Think They Just Bought a Couch.

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