C'mon Honey, How Else Am I Supposed to Hear If Someone Is Sneaking into the Flag Room?

Now we're ... ungh ... gonna need to move the China Cabinet into the garage I think but -- Mmph! Could you give me a hand with this? Whew!

What are you talking about? This is absolutely neccessary. Whenever I defend the base, it's important that I can hear even the slightest muffled footstep coming through the rear entrance so I can turn around and rip off a rocket -- otherwise, I'm less of a man.

Also, when I blow up some chump with a grenade? There's really nothing in it for me unless photos are flung from the wall like an air raid. I want to be lifted off of my chair. I want to dislodge ceiling tile. I want to make sure I never need to clean the gutters ever again.

I want the damn Wilson family down the road to hear it everytime I get an ICQ. Otherwise, they might not know how popular I am. Ideally, their windows will crack with the low rumbling roar of an incoming file transfer -- that was, you know, my New Year's resolution.

Later tonight I hired some movers to help me lift the subwoofer out from the back of the pickup truck.

Victim Pic Small

What's that honey!? I can't hear you over the sheer brain-numbing noise of Windows 2K starting up!!!

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