Look, I Just Design Websites. I Won't Be Your Girlfriend.

Hello there, thanks for writing. I'm glad you like my website design. The answer, unfortunately, is no -- I won't be your girlfriend.

Also, while I may in fact look like an anime goddess, I do not own a missile launcher, nor can I fly. I wear these metal things in my hair because they look cool, especially online. Same with the purple eye makeup.

I did not come from outer space to mate with you.

My hair isn't naturally purple; I dyed it that way. I'm afraid I didn't know it was your lifelong dream when I did it; I thought it would make some great digital pics. Speaking of which, I do not operate a 24-hour webcam. I just design websites. Sorry!

Victim Pic Small

Okay, okay, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be so harsh. But, cheer up, if I was from outer space and was trying to mate with the human race for the survival of my purple-haired anime species, you'd be near the top of my list. 'strue.

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I'm Sorry Guys -- *Sniff* -- I Don't Feel Good. I Think I'm Going to Go to School Today Instead of Playing Unreal Tournament.

I Have Several Theories as to How a Counter-strike Dedicated Server Managed to Find Its Way into Our Network Closet, Perhaps I Should Elaborate?

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