I'm Sorry Guys -- *Sniff* -- I Don't Feel Good. I Think I'm Going to Go to School Today Instead of Playing Unreal Tournament.

Yah, I uh *sniff* I've come down with the bug hard, man. *snuffle* No point in me cutting school today, I couldn't even defend the flag for a couple minutes before I'd hab to stop and blow muh nose. *snort*

No, no, g'head without me. I feel like someone's been pounding my head with an impact hammer. *sniff* I'm gonna go to school where I can catch up on muh sleep n'stuff.

That's okay, that's cool, I'll get over it. A few hours of Mr. Heffer's Bio class oughta put me right out, I'll feel all refreshed. *Snif snif* Yep, sucks to be me. Y'all go ahead and cut class, I need the break. Yeah, cap one for me, Jimmy. *Loudly blows nose and moans*

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Yeah, half a bottle of Nyquil should pull me through study hall and music. Maybe Jim can stop by later and pull me outta school in traction.

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