I Recommend You Give Me Your Lunch Money before I Go Down, Down-forward, Forward, Punch.

Oh no my friend. What you have given me is fifty cents. Fifty cents is your ice cream money -- it will buy you no meal, here or elsewhere. Now, should you want to walk away from our encounter instead of quietly bleeding next to a giant 10-second continue countdown, I suggest you hand over the rest of the money.

There remains a possibility that I may just have to go forward down down-forward punch all over your ass, and neither of us want that, do we?

Victim Pic Small

HA-DOU-KEEENNN!! What? Say again? No, I didn't just yell, "Ho Nougat," I said "Ha Dou Ken." It means ... Air whirlyfist or something. I dunno, it's japanese. Okay, that's it, lemme show you my combo...

Score: 7.25; Total Votes: 1493 as of 2009-12-09.

Courage. Honor. Dignity. Respect. These Are the Hallmarks of Clan TF Omega Ops.

I'm Sorry Guys -- *Sniff* -- I Don't Feel Good. I Think I'm Going to Go to School Today Instead of Playing Unreal Tournament.

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