Courage. Honor. Dignity. Respect. These Are the Hallmarks of Clan TF Omega Ops.

We're a brotherhood, here. Let's not forget that. We are the BEST. And let's not forget what got us here. Let's not forget those values that are so prominently displayed on our web page flash intro. Courage. Honor. Dignity. Respect. Clan Omega Ops puts the "team" in TeamFortress.

Now, I know that we've never seen one another face to face. I know that we've just met in chat rooms and played together online. But I consider each and every one of you my brothers in arms. And as Captain of this clan, it hurts me everytime one of my clanmates is hurt. But again I submit for you our four core values, two of which are dignity and respect. If you don't respect ME, then you don't respect the BROTHERHOOD. And if you don't respect that -- well, we might as well just give the other team our flag.

Let's pull together, team. We can recover from this. But I'm going to need each and every one of you, sight unseen, to trust me on this. I am your respected leader! I founded Clan TF Omega Ops with honor in mind. Are you with me? Are you behind me?

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No, I uh, haven't gotten a webcam yet. Why do you ask?

Score: 5.37; Total Votes: 1047 as of 2009-12-09.

If That Puppy Whizzes in My Yard One More Time I'm Gonna Decapitate Him with a Half-life CD!

I Recommend You Give Me Your Lunch Money before I Go Down, Down-forward, Forward, Punch.

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