Instead of Helping Me with My Problem, the Dude from Tech Support Took a Screenshot So He Could Show It to All His Friends.

So he comes into the computer lab -- I dunno who, one of those eggheads who works all day under the library -- he comes in and -- no, I don't know if it was Mark's friend, shut up and let me tell the story -- he comes in and I show him my computer screen. And he's like, WHOA! And he brushes me aside and sets his Snapple down on my notes (left a ring) and starts hitting buttons. I think for sure he's on the case, right? But no, a couple seconds later he walks over to the printer and picks up a few pages it spit out.

"Wait'll the guys see THIS one!" he says. Then, you know, he's headed out of there. I'm like, "Dude! What am I supposed to do?" and so he says, "Oh, dunno man. Turn it off and back on or something. But if I were you I'd keep it there and leave it for the next guy to see."

Yeah, then he left. What do you mean, what did I do? I left it on there. Duh. Yeah, this morning I saw photocopies of my computer screen taped up on all the bulletin boards in the Biology building.

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