Ever since That Last Counter-strike Patch, I Do Everything Akimbo

Awwww yah.

It's me, Daddy B. I loves me some Counter-Strike. And I loves it even more since dat patch that lets you carry a glock in each hand. Whenever I defend Italian villas and jump from tha balcony onto those crates with both arms spead out with the loving, they KNOW it's Daddy B with barrels akimbo. And it be showin'.

Since then I do everything akimbo. I eat my dinner wit' a fork in each hand. I play Counter-Strike wit' two mice. I put my pants on two legs at once and double-up on the undies, 'cuz from now on Daddy-B doubles up on everthangs, w3rd!


[Victim idea submitted by GameSpy reader: Human_Shield.]

Victim Pic Small

Vote twice. I would. Daddy B says W3RD!

Score: 6.06; Total Votes: 1994 as of 2009-12-09.

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