I Swear to God I Am Not Responsible for When They Nerfed the Manastone!

Please, put down your weapons!

I am but a humble texture artist! It's true that I lend my services on a contract basis to the fine fine people at Verant Interactive, the makers of EverQuest, but I swear to the allmighty that I had nothing to do with what they did to the Manastone!

That's right, I just make textures! That new armor you're wearing in the expansion? I drew that! I did! You have me to thank! But the Manastone, please, do not blame it on me. I am innocent!

While it is true that I was in the offices that day, I was not present at the meeting where they decided that the manastone wouldn't work in the planes or in the new expansion packs. I was getting a soda and browsing through a source-art booklet of medieval chainmail armor practices. I was innocently drinking a Wild Cherry Pepsi, and contemplating ringmail, by the grace of God! I had nothing to do with the atrocities committed by my superiors!

Honest Injun!

Oh please, please don't put me in the trunk of the car. Someone tried that after they Nerfed the gnomes, too, and Verant has a strict policy on not paying off employee ransoms, even if all they ask for are Boxes of Abu-Kar.

Victim Pic Small

For God's sake poke some air holes in there!

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