I'm Tellin' Ya, "Rat in a Coke Can" Is Gonna Be the Biggest Internet Phenomena since Deep-fried Chicken Head!

We've all seen it -- hell, someone sent me that damn link six times already. That's the one -- the Chicken head that was found deep fried in a batch of McDonald's Chicken McNuggets.

You understand that I've been hatching schemes like that -- no pun intended -- for years! I love nothing more than to have my work showcased on the Internet. A tip of my hat to the chicken-head, whoever came up with that one, that was priceless. I haven't had anything of mine passed around so much since I took that picture of a bunny rabbit humping a chicken -- you still see that passed around email every Easter.

But my friend, take a peek at this! That's right -- this little masterpiece here I call, "Rat in a Coke can." It's my most ambitious project since I put a band-aid in that batch of french fries. It's gonna take a few weeks of work, but I'm gonna go big with this.

See, right now, it's just a baby rat. That's how I managed to squeeze him in there. But I've been feeding him and keeping the Coke can warm at night, as a wise California Condor would lovingly care for its young. Soon he will grow big and strong, far too big to have been put into the can anywhere but the cannery.

Then I'm going to cover him with soda, go into a public place, pretend to open up the Coke can, and scream, "OH MY GOD THERE'S A RAT IN HERE!" Wouldn't you know I'll also have a digital camera handy?

This is gonna be great.

Victim Pic Small

Squeak, me little baby! Squeak squeak, you little Internet celebrity! You're gonna be bigger than that I-Kiss-You dude!

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