One word, dude: Halo.

You heard me loud and clear. Need I say it again? 'cuz I will. That's all I gotta say. One word: Halo.

Hang on what? No, seriously, what? What are you all gettin' up into with all that? I said before, Halo.. That's all I'm sayin'. One word. That's all. That's what it is.

You want more? You want to know more? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I told you all you need to know. One word, baby: HALO.

Nuff said.

Dude. You're still talking. I said nuff, nuff said. NUFF. Nuff not nuff for you?

I see, I see. Okay, allow me to retort. One word, one word only: Halo. All that needs to be said.

So that's all I'm sayin'.


Nuff said.

[Daily Victim idea submitted by GameSpy reader Kaze. Well, sort of. Actually this is nothing like his idea. I got the whole thing from the subject line of his email.]

Victim Pic Small

Halo. Hands down.

Hold up, do you see my hands? They're DOWN. Both of them. Nuff said.

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