So uh guys ... about that whole ... "ring" thing...

Hey guys! What's up? Gandalf -- whoa! You're back! Dig the white duds. It's very you. I like what you've done. Legolas, very nice -- you got that elf-eye for the straight guy thing going on and it WORKS. Great to see you guys aga-

The what? The ring? Oh THAT ring. Yeah, the ring. Cracks of Doom, right right. That whole deal with the ring. Precious, right. Yah. You guys want to sit down somewhere? You know, since we're catching up and stuff?

So ... right, about that whole deal with that ring and stuff. I had it on a little chain in my pocket -- hey, that reminds me of a riddle my Uncle used to tell: "What have I g-"

Okay, sorry, sorry. I'll tell it later. The ring. So ... about the ring. I was ... well, me and Sam were ... me and Sam and Gollum I guess ... we were ... BIG spiders. Uhmm. Well, anyways, we were up on the mountain, and ... Well, I distinctly remember I was near some sort of loop-the-loop made out of mossy stone. And then ... WHAMS! Just ... there was this blue hedgehog. All balled up. REALLY fast. And just ... WHOOOOOSH! No more ring. One second I had it ... then ... Hedgehog.

Sorry. You know. About the ring.

Victim Pic Small

Hey, so long as he doesn't fall on any spikes, the rings won't go flying in all directions, right? He's a fast little guy. I'm sure the ring is safe. From the eye dude.

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Mr. Pembleton's last will and testament clearly establishes this trust fund for his favorite MMOG character.

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