Sure it's legit. It's what I call the Star Wars Galaxies MBA program.

I'm perfect for your job, sir. I've got an MBA. Well, not one of your hoity-toity ones, with the "diploma" and stuff. Only three months of play and already I have my degree. See, the Star Wars Galaxies MBA program is a cost-effective course because the entire program is done online. You take a small entrepreneurial blaster craftsperson, like myself, and you get very "hands-on." That is to say, I ran my own business. In Galxies.

I had to worry about all the things that regular businesspeople have to worry about in the real world. You know, the supply chain. Labor. Quality of parts. Cost of goods. Jawas. Rent. Marketing. T&E. Sandpeople attacks. The usual.

I can see you're a man of action, and a strong leader, because you're calling security. But I assure you I have the skills to handle your sales operation. Did I mention I ran the cash register at Dennys?

Okay, fine, usher me out of the building. You just wait until I'm a Jedi! I'll kick your ass without even moving my foot

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Just because he wears a tie and can read and write and has a "career" and an "education" and stuff he thinks he's so HOT. Well, let's see HIM handle Beggar's Canyon!

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I'll go on the record and say that I don't think what you downloaded here is actually the Half-Life 2 source code.

My Contra-Honed Reflexes can defeat your piddly game in mere hours!

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