Well Jer, no, putting that new Radeon card down your pants isn't what I'd consider a "Casemod" in the classical sense

I normally think of casemods as, well, like carving holes in your computer case and putting funky red lights inside and stuff. Like the guy who had the eerie green glow coming from all the air vents and the alien faces airbrushed on the outside of his PC. Or that one guy who built a computer out of a bong. Or maybe he made his computer INTO a bong. Maybe he was just smoking a bong. Maybe that was me. I'm a little fuzzy on the details.

But one thing I'm clear about: stuffing that new Radeon card down your pants and hooking it up really doesn't count as a "casemod."

Sure, it's stimulating. I'll give you that.

But a casemod? How do you SIT with that thing in there anyways? And the wires? And what if you need to go to the bathroom? Isn't it hot in there? What?

Hey, WHOA. Okay, the words "Liquid Cooled" do not belong in a conversation about pants. Let's just take a time out, okay?

Victim Pic Small

Now, stop me if this is too personal, but doesn't the ... the uh ... doesn't the cooling fan, uh -- what's that? I see, I see -- you should've stopped me. No, no, too late now. I'm just saying.

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