Three words, my friend, three words: Massively Multiplayer Curling.

I see it now, a full 1:1 scale representation of the vast frozen lakes of Nova Scotia, available online year round. And on those lakes, thousands of curlers, accompanied by thousands of sweepers, watched over by thousands of guys on the sidelines drinking virtual beer.

I line up my shot. Whoosh! It's away! The tension mounts as it crosses a vast expanse of ice, where hundreds of other stones (some +2 or more) go whizzing by from every angle, each one more threatening than the last. Broomers are everywhere. Fights break out. It's a slippery, beer-swilling chaos.

At last my stone slows to a stop ... BULLSEYE! There it is, lined up in the center of the circle amidst a pack of a couple dozen other stones from teams all around the world. Will it stay there? Will it be knocked free? All I have to do is wait for 1500 other curlers to take their shot before I find out ...

Guys? C'mon guys, are you with me on this one?

Victim Pic Small

You see, that kind of pessimistic attitude is exactly why this genre is stagnating. Hand me a beer, eh?

Score: 6.75; Total Votes: 1424 as of 2009-12-09.

For God's sake! Pick up the blue dot! A man's life is at stake!

If you yell "Sniper" into my ear ONE MORE TIME, I'm going to rip your lips off.

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