Ubisoft's new logo is driving icicles of pure thought directly into my unwilling BRAIN.

What? Ubisoft announced a new logo? What a bunch of crap. Corporate flunkies generating news out of non-events, spamming us with their nonsense -- let me see that Web Page. Ah, there's the announcement!

OMG. This is unreal. Get a load of this: "Our new logo is our emblem. It symbolizes the choices we make every day as a leading publisher and developer of interactive entertainment – choices based on our vision of gaming and our assessment of what players want. Just as we stand by each of our choices, we stand by our logo. The first step toward the future begins here."

HAHAHaha! Like any self-respecting gamer is gonna buy into that crap. Let's take a look at that new logo, anyways. There it is ... uh ....

OooOohhh ... that's a ... pretty spiral ... spinning ... spiral ... Ubi ... so soft ...

[Lengthly, slack-jawed pause.]

Truly they are a leading publisher and developer of interactive entertainment. Those of us willing to take that first step into the future, and stand by our choices, we understand what the new Ubisoft with the small "s" represents. They have an unwavering vision I can no longer ignore. Ubisoft is the future. The future is Ubisoft. Must ... buy ... more copies of Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc...

Victim Pic Small

Stare deep into the logo ... that's it ... you are getting very sleepy ... now you're getting very entertained ...

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