j4bb3rw0xx0r Presents: The Diablo II Drinking Game!

For gamers age 21 or older, comes a true tale of debauchery from GameSpy reader j4bb3rw0xx0r. He is proud (or ashamed?) to present: The Diablo II Drinking Game. First, you get an all-night LAN party together, since ain't nobody going to be driving home. Be sure to stock up on beverages as well as the necessary networking hardware. From there, the rules are simple:

  1. Start at level one
  2. Drink once every time you level
  3. Drink whenever anyone finds a green or gold item
  4. Drink five times each time you die
  5. Drink if your hireling dies

And, most importantly, name your character after your beverage of choice. j4bb3rw0xx0r's party consisted of:

Fire-N-Ice the Sorceress. Beast (Milwaukee's Best Light) the Shifter Druid. Jacqueline Daniels the Bowazon. Guinness the Barbarian (Extra Stout). Ice 101 the Sorceress. Smirnoff the Assasin ("chick drink, bah" says j4bb3rw0xx0r). Bacardius 151 the Necromancer ("who had the courage to face death alone.")

And of course Reverend Jim Beam the Paladin.

According to what's left of j4bb3rw0xx0r, they all passed out shortly after beating Diablo.

[Daily Victim idea submitted by GameSpy reader j4bb3rw0xx0r, whose name is best cut-n-pasted.]

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j4bb3rw0xx0r, your mom would be proud.

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