My new mod for War III is a conversion to a mod I made for Starcraft that emulated my WarCraft II mod that emulated C&C!

It's the greatest thing in the world!

There are a lot of us who love the WarCraft III engine but we say to ourselves, "I sure wish I could play my favorite Starcraft mod on here," by which I mean the mod that allowed you to play my original C&C total conversion of WarCraft II in the Starcraft engine.

But now you can!

It's a complete, true-to-life conversion that authentically replicates my efforts to replicate my replication of the original Command & Conquer, in its entirety! But now it's using the WarCraft III engine!

I've worked extra hard to add authentic touches, such as bugs that I wasn't able to fix in the old engines. It uses the original WarCraft II loading screens with a Starcraft Interface, but it's instantly recognizable as a Command & Conquer port ported to a port ported to WarCraft III!! Who wouldn't want THAT!?

I would release the total conversion tonight, but when I was trying to write the website, I got really really confused.

[Daily Victim idea submitted by GameSpy reader Zack_Rage, who desperately wants to see someone do a Starcraft mod for WarCraft III for reasons I'll never understand.]

Victim Pic Small

But here, I drew this helpful flowchart.

Score: 7.64; Total Votes: 1695 as of 2009-12-09.

Maybe I should switch to the Du-Rag. A man's got to put a lot of thought into these things.

Bad Things happened when I inadvertently released my own game patch.

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