Battlefield 1942 Scientific Journal for August 26th, 2003

August 26th, 2003. 10:37 AM.

Subject (combat engineer, age 23, played by Ryan Scott of the physics department) arrived at the test site with 87% heath. Healing was administered in order to maintain standardized results. Subject said "thx." Researchers responded by hitting the F1 key twice in rapid succession.

10:42 AM. Subject was placed inside the test Kubelwagen. Four (4) detpacks containing the equivalent of 28 sticks of TNT were dropped under the Kubelwagen by the subject. (see diagram 1, "kewl.jpg").

10:49 AM. Subject triggered the blast sequence with his alt-fire key. The resulting explosion is estimated to have generated 140.88 x 10^3 kJ of energy. Both subject and Kubelwagen were clocked at a velocity of 8092 ± 26 m/s at point of impact. The Kubelwagen attained a height of 350 meters at apogee, and traveled a distance of 40 meters to the Northwest before impacting into a shore defense battery and exploding (see diagrams 2 and 3, "WHOA.jpg" and "holycrap.jpg").

Subject himself, while typing LOLOL, attained a maximum height of 435 meters before he was gutted in midair by the propeller of a rapidly moving eastbound Japanese Zero fighter plane (see video reference 1, "phatstunts.mpg"). This was extremely cool.

10:50-10:55 AM. We laughed for, like, ten minutes.

10:56 AM. Subject respawned.

10:58 AM. Decision was reached to re-run the experiment tomorrow, but this time with lower gravity settings on the server. Researchers exited the test site so as not to be late for their Period 3 classes.

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