My new phone service has unlimited instant text messaging! It will usher in a new era of open communication!

10:20 AM: upgraded cel srvce strts today. unl txt msg! :) :)

10:22 AM: unl txt msg soooo cool. Can use it 2 tell u all about my cool day! :)

10:31 AM: am drnking milk

10:35 AM: update: milk good

10:45 AM: in car now! so cool!

10:53 AM: almost hit som guy

10:57 AM: sholdnt txt whil drvng lolol :) :)

11:02 AM: stl drvng

11:06 AM: @bagel place

11:12 AM: update: bagel good

11:24 AM: reding nwspapr

11:57 AM: jus scored 890 pts on snake game!! :) :)

12:10 PM: dude next 2 me has funy hair

12:12 PM: did u get pic i snt of dude hair?

12:13 PM: tryng again. dude hair?

12:15 PM: dude w/hair gone

12:39 PM: @sandwich place

12:41 PM: tuna

12:43 PM: eating now

12:50 PM: update: tuna good

12:52 PM: still good

1:01 PM: time 4 haircut

1:10 PM: going 2 get haircut

1:25 PM: update: getting hair cut

1:28 PM: chik cutting hair SO hot

1:29 PM: think she saw that

1:37 PM: how much should i tip haircut chik?

1:45 PM: tipd 36% cuz chik hot but upst tht socity req certn essntal profs to ern incm w/ gratuty so nt far since arbitry judgmnts mde w/ regrd 2 supefcal factrz as prt of req incom cuz ugly ppls ned 2 fed kidz 2 so i tip undr protst but chik so hot wuz worth it

1:50 PM: kewl dog here

2:20 PM: @mall now

2:40 PM: buying tix 4 mvie

2:30 PM: hav huge buckt-o-popcrn

2:35 PM: did u get pic of popcrn?

2:37 PM: its huge

2:45 PM: mvie starting

2:47 PM: update: popcorn good

2:51 PM: phone cn totlly lite up seat n front of me

3:00 PM: drew barymor hot

3:15 PM: update: stil hot

3:35 PM: movie sux

3:49 PM: i tak it bck movie r0x

4:01 PM: movie sux

4:05 PM: LOLOLOLOLOLOL movie r0x

4:15 PM: drew almst nekid

4:56 PM: mve done have to pee

4:59 PM: peeing

5:10 PM: phone low on btry? wtf? why?

5:25 PM: omgomg hot chik frm haircut here!!!!

5:29 PM: tlk to hot chik?

5:45 PM: hot chik drnkng smoothy

5:47 PM: update: smoothy loks good

5:52 PM: hot chik left

5:54 PM: i ddnt tlk 2 her

6:02 PM: shld hav snt pic of chik

6:07 PM: unl txt msg so cool

6:10 PM: communcatn nvr so usefl

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