I TOLD you you didn't need that many monitors. NOW look at what happened.

I told you, I TOLD you you didn't need eight 21-inch crt monitors arranged in a two-deck semi-circular array around your PC but NOOOO, no, you don't ever want to listen to me. It's always, "live a little this" or "Be true to your inner geek that," and then you were always saying, "Oh, but I NEEEEEED to play my NASCAR 4 with the eight-monitor panorama view" or "Oh oh I NEEEEeeeed to Play Unreal Tournament 2003 on one screen while I check my email on another and monitor bandwidth on this screen and keep the hot-chick-cam live on this screen" yadda yadda yadda.

And NOW look at what you've done. After spending the last week cutting plywood, painting and bolting together the ultimate workstation and filling your whoooooole bedroom corner with monitors, you reach down to plug in your demonic array and WHAM!

You take down the powergrid for most of New England and Eastern Canada.

New Yorkers wandering out of their silent offices in 90-degree heat, people are trapped in subway cars, French Canadians are bi-lingually swearing, and for what?

I told you you shoulda used flatscreens.

Victim Pic Small

And even if it WAS working, your whole bedroom would be like a cancer machine. I bet I'd be able to see my bones through my skin. In fact, I think I almost can, here in this dark room lit only by the smouldering glow of hot cathode ray tubes...

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