I'm sorry to hear that you and your girlfriend broke up. She seemed perfect for you. You know. From what I could gather on IRC.

No way, she dumped you? Man, that's a total shocker. She seemed perfect for you. You guys were like the perfect couple. At least, from what I could gather, you know, from what I heard in Internet chat.

She seemed really into you, man. At least, that's what she said that one time three months ago when she sat down at your ICQ account and sent me a couple messages. She totally seemed cool. You know, judging by the emoticons she used.

I can't believe you guys are through! It just doesn't make sense. You remember that one time, when I called you long distance on the phone to set up our clan match, and I could sorta hear her in the background? Yeah, you guys seemed AWESOME together.

And you guys made a cute couple, too! Not that I know what you look like. But your Asheron's Call characters looked cute together, before she stopped playing.

And she dumped you, hunh? That just blows my mind, man. I never saw it coming.

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[This is a shoutout to my recently de-coupled friend back east! And evidence that I have NO idea how to send sympathy.]

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