AUGH! HotSoup's computer crashed before he finished drawing my legs!

Wha -- WAAAUUGGH! My legs! I can't feel my legs!

...I can't SEE my legs. My legs are gone! So are my shoes! I've got no shoes, or feet to put them on! How am I even standing upright? What happened?

Where's the artist? I was supposed to come onto the victim today to argue with that dude who loves KOTOR but never played it. Instead, I'M A FLOATING FREAK OF PHYSICAL NATURE!

HotSoup's computer must've crashed before he finished drawing me or scanning me in. Where is he? How can he possibly send his victim pictures to Fargo? For God's sakes! Somebody give this man a Kinko's gift certificate before my legless torso flops plummets uncerimoniously to the floor.


[Today's victim inspired by Victim artist HotSoup's catastrophic computer loss. Send him some good karma!]

Victim Pic Small

Actually, I could get used to this. It's like I float around the room. OoooOOOoooo... I'm like that half-a-dude from Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2.

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Knights of the Old Republic is so great it will crush you physically and emotionally!

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