Honey, what do you want from me? The Imperial March is in my head. I have to play Galaxies!

Get off me! Look at me. Do I look like a man with an iron will? Do you see this will? Any iron in it? No! Hand me the discs!

Why? Because the Imperial March is in my head. That's right, Darth Vader's theme from the movies. Well, I can hear it in my head, like I got John Williams up my wazoo.

And when you got Williams Wazoo, you got no choice. Either you fire up the DVD movies and throw food at the screen whenever they say "Midichlorians." Or you play Galaxies. I'm a Galaxies man. See?

Don't try to stop me. You hear that? Of course you don't hear it -- it's in my head. Dum dum dum dum da dum dum da dum, DUM DUM DUM DUM DA DUM, DUM DA DUM! Yep. Fork over those CDs and close the door on your way out.

It's beyond my control now.

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I got an appointment. To chill with Boba.

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No man, it's all cool. I'm just going to write off my EverQuest Dwarf as a tax loss.

Kids: Game Boy and Jury Duty DON'T MIX.

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