No man, it's all cool. I'm just going to write off my EverQuest Dwarf as a tax loss.

Seriously. No, I know better than to mess with the IRS, but this is straight-up legitimate.

See, at the start of 2003 I had a kick-ass Dwarf character with an accumulated lewt value of at least six healthy white babies or as many as twelve kicks to the jimmies. A veritable fortune in digital goods.

Since then, I've died several times and never made it back to my corpse. Also, some of my key items were nerfed in monthly updates, and others are now common enough to erode their value. With the expansion packs all pushing the envelope, there are characters far, FAR more powerful than mine up for sale.

By my calculations, that stupid Dwarf has gone down in value at least $3600 this year -- that's losses from lewt alone. Factor in monthly fees and you can tack another $120 of losses onto that figure by December.

So, I just claim those losses on my 1040 long form and I'm on easy street. I figure the government will owe ME money! Playing bad has never felt so GOOD!

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Sweet, now, let's take up your Paladin and spank him around a little.

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I didn't want the bank I work for to know I'd applied to a job at a gaming company, so I wrote all my emails in 'l33t.'

Honey, what do you want from me? The Imperial March is in my head. I have to play Galaxies!

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