I didn't want the bank I work for to know I'd applied to a job at a gaming company, so I wrote all my emails in 'l33t.'

Keep it low, you never know who's listening in at the lunch room. Yeah, I'm sick of working in the back of this stuffy bank calculating homeowner lending rates. I applied for a job at a game developer, but I didn't want my manager to see, so I wrote my cover letter and resume in l33tspeak.

These stuffed shirts at the bank can't read words made out of numbers for their life. They think "teh" is a typo and that "0wning" something means you've paid off the mortgage. They think a n00b is a type of candy bar filling. I could probably leave my resume sitting out on the printer and they'd think it was a spreadsheet.

The only tough part was giving them my phone number in l33t. I mean, do I type it out as 949-555-7413? Or, is it 9A9-SSS-TAlE?

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Under career ambitions I listed "teh 0wn4g3." Was that presumptuous?

Score: 7.23; Total Votes: 2352 as of 2009-12-09.

Shhh, keep your voices down. That guy's been playing a single game of 'snake' on his cell phone for a week straight.

No man, it's all cool. I'm just going to write off my EverQuest Dwarf as a tax loss.

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