Shhh, keep your voices down. That guy's been playing a single game of 'snake' on his cell phone for a week straight.

It started last Tuesday, when he and his friends strolled into the Famous Original Ray's Pizzeria here and sat down at that booth in the corner. They started talking, they ordered their food, and then an uncomfortable silence kinda settled in.

So, one of the dudes pulled out his cell phone and started to play "Snake." You know, the little cell phone game where you eat the dots and your snake gets bigger and you can't run into your own tail. Then the smack talk started. The proverbial Gauntlet was thrown down. A couple minutes later, the whole group of 'em was sitting around in a silent circle, their heads all bend over their beeping cell phones. They stayed that way even after the pizza came.

Seriously, I was there. I saw it happen. One by one, they dropped out -- their little snakes hit their own tail. So they started eating pizza. But one guy -- that guy, right there! -- he kept on going. And going.

Hours went by, and he would occasionally reach over to his plate, head bowed over the phone, and grab a piece of pizza. He'd stuff a bite in his mouth without looking at it, then put it back down. The whole time, his snake lived. When it came time to close the place, his friends insisted that he couldn't stop -- he surely was on his way for a world record. And the owner, Famous Ray I guess, he was okay with that. Because for the last six hours they'd all been ordering food and soda.

So he left the guy there, playing by himself, all night. And when he came in the next day, the guy was still playing. Now there's a crowd, but see how everyone is keeping a respectful distance? He's been at it for three days. He DOES stop for bathroom breaks, but the phone never leaves his hand. We've taken to buying him free food. The pizza place is open 24-7. Vegas bookies have already set odds.

Kids are lining up to get his autograph ... but they'll have to wait until he's finished.

[Victim idea submitted by GameSpy reader Chachi.]

Victim Pic Small

When does he need to sleep? I don't know -- I think he's entered a zen-like state where the Snake part of his brain keeps playing, while the rest of him ... naps.

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