WarioWare can easily bring about marital difficulties.

My wife and I have had a tight marriage, with the exception of that time we started using the Sims to make all our family decisions and things got a little hairy.

But then this past week in Wal*Mart we were looking through the Game Boy Advance games to see what we could use for long car trips. Front and center, there was a display for WarioWare, that crazy cartridge featuring hundreds of minigames that you play for five seconds at a time. "Oooh, what about THAT one?" my wife asks. "Would I enjoy that one?"

That's a perfectly innocent question, and I thought I was giving an innocent answer. "I dunno sweetie," I said. "There's all sorts of little games that happen really fast, so it's high pressure. You might not like that."

She clutched the package to her chest. "What, you think I can't handle a little pressure? That I can't play fast games?"

I had the sensation a trap had been sprung. "No no, I was just thinking --"

"Is it because I'M A GIRL!?"

Oh man, there was NO place to go from there. We ended up buying the game, but I've hardly gotten to play it yet. My wife bundles herself up in a ball on the couch frantically pounding on buttons, obsessed with demolishing the game. Sometimes she throws pillows. Whenever I manage to sneak a game in edgewise, she claws my shoulder with both hands and screams in my ear as I play: "Brush the teeth! Pick the nose! No no, eat the apple! CATCH THE TOAST!!" Until I screw up -- which isn't long -- and then she snatches it away to "show me how it's done."

This isn't the woman a married, but rather a woman who sleeps fitfully at night only to spring upright and cry out "Shake the tree! SKIJUMP!" before collapsing back into bed. Do you think we need counseling?

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I have to ask myself: What would the Sims do?

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