This New Game Can't Be Any Good -- It Smells All Coconutty

Way. Dude, c'mere and whiff this.

No, I'm serious, I totally can't buy this game. What do you mean, why? Sniffit, dude!

I don't give a good damn if the multiplayer rocks, this thing is big on the rankness. It's all -- whoa.

You smell it, right? It's not just me?

This reminds me of that girl from the line at the movies last night, the one who smelled like a broccoli baked potato? Seriously. I mean like, cute and stuff, but TOTALLY IDAHO.

I'm putting the stenchness here back on the shelf. Oh -- oh crap -- oh crap dude, now my hands smell like coconutness. Whiff 'em! No serious c'mere and whiff 'em! Aw man, I gotta get me a moist towlette.

Victim Pic Small

Okay okay wait, stop a second, dude, my cell phone is ringing. Can you reach into my pocket and get it? What? 'Cuz dude if I touch it it'll smell like that sick ass coconut game!! Dude! Get it!

Score: 5.14; Total Votes: 1162 as of 2009-12-09.

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