They say that love springs eternal; but can it freestyle into a Caution Drop on DDR Extreme?

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Yesterday I met the man I want to make babies with!

I was with Brittney outside the Whattapretzel at the food court, and then like some sort of Adonis rising from the ocean he rose up into my view riding on the up-escalator. He wore two pairs of pants -- how can you not love a man who wears two pants?

Then he offered to buy me a piercing, which I think was an -- whatyoucallit -- innuendo. But I took him up on it. See? [Points to belly button.] And then we made out behind the ATM.

So I said to Brittney, “GAH,” just like that. I said, “Who IS that guy?” and she tells me that his name is Julio. And it hits me, he’s like the Julio from the WEST side of the mall, the guy who turns on Dance Dance Revolution for those jerks from Team ManyMojo. We’re not even supposed to be seen with Team ManyMojo, normally I’d throw a hissy-fit right there. But Julio -- oh JULIO! My only love sprung from my only hate!

This afternoon I stood on the second level of the mall, leaning against the railing, overlooking the atrium below. “O Julio Julio,” I thumbed into my cell phone. “WFAT, Julio?” Below me I heard a beep, and next to the fountain he parted some ferns and there he was. “Julio!” I cried out. “Oh, curse your team and your Many Mojos!” And then I asked: “Can’t you play for both teams?”

And he said, “Baby I don’t do that.”

But we pledged our love, then and there, by the light of the silvery moon print in the art store that had the little blinking LED lights for stars. But how can a girl from the East Side of the mall go steady with a guy from the West side of the mall? Which arcade would we dance in? I’m in way too deep.

...did I show you the piercing?

Victim Pic Small

Ugh, look, now all of Team ManyMojo is wearing two pairs of pants. They're like some kind of weird clique or something. C'mon, let's round up the other 20 people Team ShakaBooty so we can all go to the bathroom together.

Score: 8.07; Total Votes: 1574 as of 2009-12-09.

Lesser men have been able to bring down the house; but when you bring down the hizzouse, it requires special pants.

Dude, I know that you love this girl, but what you’re talking about isn’t merely winning an arcade game -- it’s suicide!

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