Our PC game isn’t delayed; I prefer the term, “Extended Development.”

I don’t think we can really hope to have a fair and balanced conversation if you keep batting around terms like “Vaporware.” “Vaporware” is a very serious word. I prefer to use the term “Ongoing Project.”

I’ll admit that development has hit some hurdles in the past. We were somewhat delayed when we went from using the Quake 1 engine to the Quake 2 engine to power the game’s graphics. And then to the Unreal engine. Then to the LithTech engine. And back to the Quake engine. And then for a couple of weeks it was a side-scroller. And that one time last year after a night of binge drinking the UPS guy woke us up and when we came around we saw that we were using the Tribes engine. For a really creative development house, this is all part of the normal design process.

But I assure you that the game is progressing nicely and we’re on pace for a release date we have not yet announced. Did you see those screenshots we posted? Two years ago? Pretty exciting stuff, hunh! Now, those weren’t the in-game models. Or maps. But, aside from that and the lighting, that’s what you’re gonna see in the final product.

Some would argue that a five-year or more development cycle is excessive. I beg to differ. Good games, real good ones, age like a fine wine. It’s a process I like to call “Game Fermentation.” But when this baby comes out -- HO BOY -- you’re gonna be BLOWN AWAY. Just look at those screenshots! The ones we posted two years ago! And we weren’t even halfway done with the game, back then.

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If you'll excuse me, I have another press junket to attend.

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