That’s a typo -- my emoticon is not actually drooling.

Uh, no - no. That uhm. I wasn’t actually drooling when you said you were 21 and had red hair. I meant to, uh, hit the exclamation point! That’s right. When I typed:


I meant to type an exclamation, you know, to imply that I was really, uh, smiling at you. Because uh. I uh. I like girls. And ... you are one. I think.

‘Cuz sometimes in online chat I get slippery fingers when uh -- WAIT! No, that sounds bad, erase that message, I didn’t mean to imply that uhhh. What I was saying is: sweaty hands. You know? ;*

WAIT! That wasn’t supposed to be a kiss, that was, I meant to type a smiley, but I slipped and hit the asterisk, I was ... uh, I don’t want you to think that I’m like, one of those guys who gets all uh gropey, grabby, uh, you know. ‘Cuz we just met. In an online chat room. Heh. Okay. Yah, LOL, it is kinda funny. Yeah! Heh.

OMG, did I just lick you? How did that happen?

Victim Pic Small

Sorry, sorry, I don't want you to think I was getting fresh or anything. (_|_) No! No, I wasn't mooning you. I was drawing uh, those are ... uhm ... do you have any pics?

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Ladies, gentlemen, I believe the time has come for our EverQuest guild to fake its own death.

Thank you, Legend of Zelda! I finally have a vehicle to vent my rage against ... plants!

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